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Programs to Help You Reach the Next Level

Better Person. Better Student. Better Athlete

Do You Struggle With Sub-optimal Performance?

Most student-athletes struggle with these same questions.
You’re not alone and we’re here to help.

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Who Is Platt-Form For?

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What Makes Platt-Form So Different?

We Strongly Believe There Are 3 Elements Of An Athlete's Development:

This 3rd element is where we separate ourselves (and YOU) from the pack. We tie all 3 elements together, but our primary focus is this 3rd element which is typically missing from an athlete’s development. It’s the missing link to the next level!

We teach athletes material that most will not learn in school or at home. We teach a “real life” course load. They will learn foundational principles that will make a major impact on every area of their lives NOW, and beyond their school years. You see, there are lots of quotes, posters, and even best-selling authors that come in and talk to the team for a half-hour, who are really good, but then they’re gone. What we do is bring a systematic, disciplined way of building these skills. That said, many coaches agree that there is only one way for outsiders to have a lasting impact on the players: They have to become insiders. It has even been said that having someone like this in your program on a consistent regular basis is as important as your offensive and defensive coordinators. Statements like these must not be taken lightly. We’re here to help. To bridge the gap between merely knowing and actually doing.

Our Promise To You

To collect the most relevant, valuable, and cutting-edge information on complete performance enhancement, boil it down to its essence, then SERVE YOU by teaching and sharing ONLY what’s useful and INSTANTLY applicable. In other words, taking what’s complex and making it SIMPLE, thus practical and actionable, leading to your goals and dreams becoming YOUR reality – sooner rather than later.





How Platt-Form Works

Get In Touch

Have a discovery call or personal meeting with you to discuss (or identify) your specific goals.

Choose A Program

Take discovery information and goals, then choose a program we can track and hold ourselves accountable to.

Reach The Next Level

Execute the plan together and achieve peak performance!

My Story

“I have been in your shoes. Whether you are just starting out or are just trying to reach your next level, I know how hard it is. I call it THE CLIMB. Most ambitious athletes, teams, and high-performers live there. I’ve failed, made countless mistakes and learned most things from the school of hard knocks. However, there is no growth without discomfort, no strength without resistance. This journey and what it can deliver is remarkable. For me it started with nothing more than passion and faith, but now I’m a growth and performance coach with some amazing, prospective changing life experiences and 12+ years of building not only myself to be a high-performer, but helping countless others do the same along the way. And I can do it for YOU too.”

Nick Platt  –  Founder and CEO of Platt-Form Performance and Athletics

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