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Your Mind, Body & Spirit are your most valuable assets.

Treat yourself to the #1 Completely Fit training studio in Charlotte!


The Co-Fit Experience

The Co-Fit Experience is our crown jewel. If you’re ready to become Completely Fit (Mind, Body and Spirit), then this is the program for you! Through our unique concept of Lifestyle Integration, we help you integrate the 3 most essential areas of your life to optimize your time, get more of the important stuff done and maximize your potential!

Platt-Form Training Charlotte

Functional Fitness Training

Functional Fitness Training is the foundation of our services. While personal training is more hands-on and customized, the small group training program is our best value. Unlike most group programs, we keep our groups small (an average of 3-6 clients) so that our instructors can design the workout for each individual’s needs.

Co-Fit Wellness

Platt-Form Wellness

We offer a variety of wellness services to help our members reach their full health and fitness potential. From massage therapy, meditation, and yoga – we have the solution for your needs. What sets us apart is our amazing team of expert trainers, coaches, and instructors who are passionate, career professionals.

space rental facility

Rent Our Space

Our event / work space can be rented by the hour for off-site group meetings or client meetings. For some businesses these group meetings can even serve as an off-site TEAM BUILDING experience that may include fitness training, meditation, and personal development learnings to name a few.

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Platt-Form Review

Trish M.

Training with Platt-Form

Jay A.

Rehab at Platt-Form

Jeff H.

If you are looking for a fitness facility with a personal touch, look no further than Platt-Form. I’ve been working out with Nick for almost 5 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I attend the small group classes and he always make the workouts challenging, fun and fresh…no two workouts are the same. He also tailors the exercises to your individual fitness level and your needs. He genuinely cares about you and creates a positive environment to help you meet your own fitness goals. Since working out with Nick, I’ve become stronger, have more energy and have taken control of my overall health. In addition, the facility is super clean and in a great location in South Charlotte. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick and Platt-Form.

I work from home which is very convenient, but I was looking for a place where I can go to get away from the home office and work from a more social office environment. Working from home gives me the luxury of exercising/working out in the middle of the day, but before Platt-Form I had to find a quiet place at the gym to take a call before or after working out which was a challenge. With Platt-Form, I can drive up after rush hour, get a personal training session, then move immediately into resuming my workday. This makes for a powerful work-life balanced day.

I started working with Nick at Platt-Form while rehabbing from an injury. He worked with me to regain my strength and flexibility as well as my overall energy level. Now I feel better and stronger than I ever have. I own a business and have a hectic schedule, and without an accountability partner, I would never be able to stay consistent. Nick does that for me. He is thorough, professional, and very encouraging. It isn’t just about exercise. We work on diet, nutrition, sleep, and overall work life balance. Working with Nick and Platt-Form has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I feel great, and I now have the strength and stamina to keep building on the foundation we have laid.