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Platt-Form is a premium health, fitness, and event space facility conveniently located in the heart of South Charlotte. Our range of offerings caters to growth-minded people that are seeking a balanced, active lifestyle. We provide a place where they can push their physical and mental limits, because we believe in developing the whole person through lifestyle integration; physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique experience driven by a community that helps you live each day progressing toward your personal and professional goals. Platt-Form’s core group of offerings include The Co-Fit Experience, Platt-Form Wellness, and the ability to Rent Our Space. Our holistic approach to complete health & wellness creates the most balanced and comprehensive personal growth program available in Charlotte.




A completely fit life requires strategy and discipline, an open mind and optimism. Platt-Form is here to give you the resources, support, and encouragement to achieve and truly live the Co-Fit lifestyle.

We believe in developing the whole person through lifestyle integration; physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. We believe in being more than a fitness center and a workspace. Co-Fit is an experience, a community that will help you live each day progressing toward your personal and professional goals. We believe in taking care of ourselves first, so that we’re better equipped to take care of others.

We have faith in the power of dreaming, learning, growing, and becoming.

We are driven to be our true selves. To be bold, fully engaged, doing more of what we love, and fulfilling our God given potential.

We bring together the leaders in our communities who are ready to create real change, shed an old way of thinking and adopt a new mindset focused on pursuing purposeful progress in their careers, communities, fitness, and spiritual lives.

Everyone is able. Become Completely Fit.


Lifestyle Integration is when you strategically set up your life in a specific and intentional way, so that you have TIME to FOCUS on the MAJOR things in life. These major things are your Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual well-being. We must care for our whole selves in order to truly grow personally and professionally. Lifestyle Integration helps you do just that. Care for your whole self. But not by balance, by fusion. Everyone’s fusion will look different and that’s okay. What’s most important is finding your unique fusion that works for you, your family and your career. When you find your fusion, you will find freedom. For more on HOW we help you care for your whole self, please read our section on the Fit-Preneur Incubator.


A “fit-preneur” is exactly what it sounds like. An entrepreneur whose specialty or profession is within the fitness industry. At Platt-Form we live by the concept of Co-Fit, believing that everyone can train and grow to be completely fit; physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. In that sense, anyone who helps people grow in any of those four ways is a “fit-preneur.” Whether you’re a personal trainer, group fitness trainer, yoga instructor, meditation specialist, nutrition coach, life coach, masseuse, health & wellness coach or even a business or public speaking coach!

That said, one of our goals here at Platt-Form is to be a Fit-Preneur Incubator. Meaning, we want to build a community of like-minded trainers, instructors, and coaches looking to grow themselves and their businesses! We are essentially giving them a “Platt-Form” to succeed by providing the space, support, and resources they need.

Platt-Form will serve as a connector and catalyst in this process. The aforementioned support and resources refer to potential customers, as well as other things. Meaning, that if a potential customer comes to Platt-Form we are going to connect them with the right trainer, instructor, or coach to meet their specific needs, whether physical, mental, social, spiritual or the whole enchilada. At this point, Platt-Form becomes the catalyst for helping them achieve their personal and professional goals through Lifestyle Integration and the Co-Fit concept.