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Are you finally ready to improve more than just your physical body? Do you thirst for more than what your typical gym offers? Well now is the time to act on that impulse and commit to improving your mind, body and spirit! Platt-Form has introduced it’s newest program called The Co-Fit Experience, and you do not want to miss out on this incredible intro offer!  

Have you heard of Platt-Form?

Platt-Form is Charlotte’s first and only co-fit training center, located at 6311 Carmel Road, Suite C.  At Platt-Form, members train not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Nick Platt, the founder of Platt-Form and creator of The Co-Fit Experience, is known for having a passion for personal growth. He has truly delivered a one-of-a-kind place to make it all happen!

What is Co-Fit?

A completely fit life requires strategy and discipline, an open mind and optimism. Platt-Form is here to give you the resources, support, and encouragement to achieve and truly live the Co-Fit lifestyle, through continuous improvement of your mind, body & spirit.

We provide a place where they can push their physical and mental limits, because we believe in developing the whole person through lifestyle integration; physically, mentally, and spiritually (and even socially). We pride ourselves on delivering a unique experience driven by a community that helps you live each day progressing toward your personal and professional goals.

The Co-Fit Experience

Platt-Form is looking for individuals who want to take their life to it’s highest level by striving to become the absolute best version of themselves.  

The Co-Fit Experience includes three parts: private gym, meditation space and “mental focus” room. The 12-week program includes: one dedicated session per week focused on 30-minutes of Movement, 15 minutes of Meditation, and 15-minutes of Mindset Coaching. Plus, unlimited small group training classes over the 12-week period. The program begins the week of September 10, 2018. Platt-Form is offering a “You Plus Two” deal for the first three to register for The Co-Fit Experience and agree to share your photos and tag Platt-Form on their social media channels.  “You Plus Two” means three people for the price of one; split the $975 registration cost ($325 ea.) which comes to only $108 each per month!

This is a limited time offer so don’t delay, act today! Contact us at 980-349-7059

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