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Impacts of Physical and Spiritual Health

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Maintaining your physical health is one of the many things that have an impact on your overall health. Eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest are part of your physical health but if you are not mentally or spiritually healthy, then you are not reaching your maximum potential of health. Being spiritually healthy has its impacts on a person’s physical health.

3 ways that physical health and spiritual health are connected to each other are:

  • Self-investment: If you are invested with your spiritual health then you are more inclined to be invested with your physical health. Spiritual health keeps your mind clear and balanced. If you are at ease with your spiritual side, it becomes easier to manage your physical side. You want to love God with your physical strength and that requires spiritual strength as well.
  • Stress-relief: Religious activity is a source of comfort and stress-relief for those who partake in it. Physical activity is also a source of stress-relief by blowing off steam and releasing pent-up energy. These two activities help us to manage stress even in difficult times. Doing one over the other can help with stress, but could be even more helpful if a person does both.
  • Less depression: Belief in God allows for a greater feeling of well-being. It gives reason and purpose to your day to day life. This goes hand and hand with physical health since positive mindsets motivate physical activity over negative mindsets. Both physical and spiritual health lead to greater involvement with daily activities instead of remaining reclusive.

Maintaining both physical health and spiritual health has many benefits to your overall wellbeing. Platt-Form wants to help people build a balanced, active lifestyle. Contact us today and we can help you get started.

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