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Personal and Small Group Training


In addition to our monthly packages, we offer single session packages to better work with your schedule, while still striving towards your fitness goals.

20 Sessions

30 Minute Sessions


10 Sessions

30 Minute Sessions


1 Session

30 Minute Sessions



Small Group Training provides an intimate environment, typically 3-6 people. When it comes to learning the proper movements and exercises, our team of expert coaches eliminate all the guesswork for you. You will benefit from elite coaching, targeted programming to meet your personal needs, and ongoing accountability from your coaches and fellow participants.

Platt-Form creates custom training every day. Each workout targets a wide range of muscle groups and integrates conditioning movements. You’ll get unparalleled results and find a community of like-minded, focused individuals.


Month to Month
30 Minute Sessions



6-Month Membership
30 Minute Sessions



12-Month Membership
30 Minute Sessions


Small Group Training Classes

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Personal and Small Group Training are the foundation of our services. While personal training is more hands-on and customized, the small group training program is our best value. Unlike most group programs, we keep our groups small (an average of 3-6 clients) so that our instructors can design the workout for each individual’s needs.